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Lose yourself for hours in the exciting fun of The Craze Arcade! Battle your friends and win tickets that can be used to redeem great prizes at our prize counter. Nothing beats playing classic games like SkiBall with your kids. For those who love the classic games we have a selection for you with: "Galaga", "Frogger", and "Mrs. PacMan". If you’re looking for something a little more modern, try out our more modern games like “Deal or No Deal”. No matter what kind of games you prefer, the Arcade at the Craze is a great place to build memories with your family.

Arcade: (Tokens only) $0.25=1 Token


Redeaming your Tickets

After all that fun winning those tickets how could it get any better? Well, you have the oportunity to spend those tickets on prizes at our prize center. So, not only can you make great memories, but, you can have something to show for it. With prizes for the adults, and the little kid that still lives in us, as well as prizes for the children no one is left without. With all our prizes in incraments of 5 tickets we make it easy for everyone to use all their tickets. You didn't win an amout that ends in a 0 or a 5? No problem, we round UP to the nearest multiple of 5! Come enjoy some time with your friends and family and take home prizes and memories.